Let's Get Real (mileage estimates, that is)

Real MPG has a simple request: that the U.S. government use actual, real, tangible, factual (OK, OK, I'll put the thesaurus away now) mileage ratings for vehicles when it enforces the CAFE standards. While auto manufacturers need to build cars with mpg ratings that conform to the standards, the mpg ratings are set using atypical driving conditions. According to Real MPG, this means never going more than 60 mph and driving where there is no wind and no hills. If mileage ratings were set based on how people actually drive, then the manufacturers would have to make more efficient vehicles. The trouble over CAFE standards is nothing new, but Real MPG figured out that "enforcing mileage standards based on real-world testing would cut oil imports 20 percent". You could also say we'd use a lot less oil. Or that consumers would then be better educated on how much fuel their vehicles use. It's clever rephrasing like this that make us realize what political battles can cost us. If you agree with Real MPG, click through and sign their petition.

[Source: Real MPG, submission by Matthew Fried]

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