HMUV military-grade 4x4 being developed by JCB

You might remember JCB as the construction equipment manufacturer attempting to set the diesel land speed world with its oil-burning Dieselmax H1, which just happened to make its first run last weekend. Its other project is this Hummer-dwarfing off-roader called the HMUV, for High Mobility Utility Vehicle. JCB has recruited a team of professionals to design and sell the 6.7-liter HMUV, including former Land Rover managing director Mathew Taylor who will head up sales and marketing for the HMUV. While not originally intended as a roadgoing vehicle, the HMUV could reportedly be sold to private owners using a commercial version of the 4.4-liter diesel engine being tested in the Dieselmax H1. For military use, however, the HMUV can be ordered either as a pickup or fully-enclosed people carrier.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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