10-unit Focus ST White Edition for Japan

Specialized, market-specific limited edition color and trim packages are popular in Japan, and Ford has just announced a very exclusive new addition to that segment: the Focus ST White.

Limited to 10 units, the Focus ST White (Japan's traditional racing color) can only be reserved on the web beginning August 1, 2006. If more than ten potential customers register (bet on it), names will be drawn to see who gets to pony up ¥3,200,000 ($27,000 USD) for one of the cars.

Mechanically, nothing differentiates it from any other Focus ST. It's still powered by the 2.5L turbocharged 5 cylinder and makes 225 horsepower.

Until recently, the ST had been available in Japan in just two colors: Electric Orange and Performance Blue. On July 13th, dealers in the country began sale of the Focus and Fiesta ST Black editions. All of these pale compared to the ST White, though. In it, Ford of Japan has achieved something quite remarkable: they have taken a standard issue car in a color that is readily available in other markets and made it into one of the most exotic vehicles to be found in Japan. Amazing.

If the Japanese car culture is as advanced and knowledgable as it seems, the White STs will turn heads wherever they go. You may find this color package underwhelming, but in Japan, these cars will be scarcer than the new Cornes Ferrari.

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[Source: Ford Japan (translated)]

Focus ST White:
ST White

The Other New Japanese STs:

Focus ST Black:
Focus ST BlackFocus ST Black

Fiesta ST Black
Fiesta ST BlackFiesta ST Black

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