Boss Mustang will be stripper with GT500 parts

We reported late last year that Ford was probably working on a Boss version of the S197 Mustang. Motor Trend is reporting in its September issue that the Boss Mustang is definitely a go for the model year before a refreshed Mustang bows in 2008. Our own Eric Bryant reported it will likely be powered by a naturally-aspirated 5.4-liter V8 version of Ford's Mod motor architecture, while Motor Trend claims it will be a V8 of about 5.0-liters in size. Eric and MT do agree, however, that the Boss Mustang will make 390 horsepower.

MT also reveals that the Boss Mustang will get the Shelby GT500's complete suspension set up and that the interior will be stripped out to reduce weight. It sounds like the Boss Mustang will be a great pony car to purchase before the muscle cars are renewed in a few years. It'll likely be as light as a V6 Mustang, more powerful than a GT, and less expensive than a Shelby GT500.

[Source: Sept. issue of Motor Trend]

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