Sundancer wins High School Solar Car Challenge again

Following up on our post about the start of the 11th annual Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge for high school students, it turns out this year's winner won't surprise anyone who's followed the race these past few year. The Sundancer solar car team from Houston, Mississippi won the checkered flag for the sixth year in a row. The team hasn't lost a race since switching to Schott Solar photovoltaic PV cells in 2001, as Schott's press release gladly points out. There were 856 solar cells in the Sundancer this year. The Sundancer got up to about 60 mph and traveled over 600 miles during the race, averaging about 30 mph. There were 15 students on the team from the Houston Vocational Center and over 3,000 students in the challenge overall.

[Source: Schott, tip by David Koh]

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