Tesla EV Roadster first review

The Tesla EV Roadster is debuting as we speak in California, and AutoblogGreen editor Sebastian Blanco is there covering it, so we'll have all the info, pics and even video up later tonight. In the meantime, Wired has published an article on the Tesla EV Roadster penned by Joshua Davis, the first journalist to ride in Martin Eberhard's all-electric labor of love.
The article reveals a few new details about the Tesla Roadster, like the fact that it's powered by 6,831 lithium-ion batteries just like the one powering your laptop. Eberhard states quite clearly that computer engineers making advances in battery efficiency will drive the technology of tomorrow's electric vehicles, and he'll be right there ready to reap the benefits of Silicon Valley's R&D in the coming years.

Davis also dug up that Tesla Motors is working on a sedan to accompany the Tesla Roaster as early as 2008. Codenamed White Star (the Roadster's codename was Dark Star). The size and shape of a sedan means that the White Star's range would be far below the Roadster's 250-mile range using current battery technology, but Eberhard believes that by the time it's ready batteries "will be ready to deliver."

The article's a great read and depicts Eberhard as a modern day Preston Tucker. With only six hours left before we see what's under that sheet, we'll soon find out if the Tesla EV Roadster delivers the goods.

Thanks Devon and Craig for the tip!

[Source: Wired]

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