Should the Big Two become the Big One?

The Big One -- that's an interesting thought. The Wall Street Journal has subscribed to the idea that two wrongs make a right, urging General Motors and Ford Motor Company to go in on it together to hopefully come out stronger in the end. The two would enjoy a 40 percent market share in North America and be able to better attack legacy costs (no doubt due to a much more powerful position in relation to the United Auto Workers), but the problems may outweigh the benefits -- dealerships will close, union members will strike, F-150-owning Silverado-bashers will suffer from irreconcilable identity crises, hell will freeze over and pigs will fly.

So, what do you all think? Is it time to roll out the Big One, or are the folks at The Wall Street Journal on crack?

[Source: The Wall Street Journal, via WDIV-TV]

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