Aston Martin shows off endurance with Project 30,000

After a driver team led by Dr. Ulrich Bez drove a production-standard V8 Vantage to a top-25 finish at this year's Nurburgring 24 Hours, Aston Martin engineers kicked off another demonstration of the Vantage's endurance.

To commemorate the milestone of 30,000 cars produced, Aston Martin staffers were invited to spend a day in Germany, where day and night, the car would be driven on the Autobahn and local roads with the goal of accumulating 30,000 miles in 30 days. Providing support to the effort was Aston's new German dealership, Moll Sportwagen.

True to the form shown by the Nurburgring Vantage, the Project 30,000 car accomplished its mission. Now signed by every employee who took part in the 30-day thrashing, it is on display with the Nurburgring car at the British Motor Show.

These overt demonstrations of the Vantage's robustness continue to make us wonder how long it'll be until Aston Martin decides to go all the way and field a car in the Le Mans / ALMS GT2 class. Given the success the DBR9 is having, there's no reason to believe a Le Mans Vantage wouldn't wreak havoc as well.

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Source: Aston Martin

Press Release:

Project 30,000: A Special Celebration for Aston Martin

Hours after a production-standard V8 Vantage completed a gruelling 24 hours at the Nϋrburgring this summer, 30 Aston Martin employees marked a significant milestone for the company by taking to the wheel of another Vantage and completing 30,000 miles in 30 days finishing at the British International Motor Show in London.

As the company approached production of the 30,000th car, a unique celebration to commemorate the occasion with the youngest car in the Aston Martin range, the award-winning V8 Vantage, was planned.

Employees from all departments of the company at Aston Martin's global headquarters at Gaydon, in Warwickshire, were invited to Germany to undertake a day of driving to assist in achieving 30,000 miles in a V8 Vantage over the course of just 30 days.

Utilising the excellent transport infrastructure and access to the Autobahn network in Düsseldorf as well as Aston Martin's new dealership in the region, Moll Sportwagen, employees drove the Vantage through the day and night to achieve the mileage.

Aston Martin Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ulrich Bez, who started the celebration by driving the car from the Nϋrburgring to Dόsseldorf immediately after the 24 hours race, said: "Production of our 30,000th production car signals the pace of change at Aston Martin in recent years.

"When we launched our plans to reinvigorate the brand in 2001, Aston Martin had produced just under 20,000 cars in 87 years and now, barely five years later, we are approaching our 30,000th car.

"This exercise – in conjunction with our success at the Nϋrburgring – proves what we have always believed; the Vantage is a true 24-hour sports car, tough and usable, and as durable on the track as it is on the road."

The V8 Vantage used to complete the project, signed by every participating employee, is joined at the British International Motor Show by the V8 Vantage that completed the 24-hour Nϋrburgring Endurance Race in June.

The Team

Dr Bez – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Ian Hartley – Test & Development Engineer

Tatjana Merzweiler – Regional Manager EU-North

Katja Raetzel – Moll Sportwagen GmbH

Robert Shroer – Test Driver

Mark Savage – Diagnostics Engineer

Peter Hutchinson – Design Manager

Hazel Bloomfield – HR Manager

Tony Green – Transmission Driveline – Engineer

Richard Hooper – Plant Quality Engineer

Steve Gray – Press Garage Technician

Joe Healy – Group Leader – Manufacturing

Ian Fenton – Financial Controller

Phil Manning – Development Engineer – Body & Trim

Steve Allen – Road Test – Manufacturing

Andy Gregg – Programme Coordinator

Dave Williams – Prototype Operations Technician

Sarah Riley – Forward Programmes – Quality Team leader

Cornelius Quilligan – CAE Applications Engineer

Darren Wilson – Road Test – Manufacturing

Nikki Deen – Parts Sales Manager

Andy MacDonald – Body Repair Programme – Project Engineer

Alan Woodward – Prototype Operations Technician

Carl Dibsdale – Modeling Manager

Simon Barnes – New Model Launch Manager

Chris Marlow – Group Leader – Manufacturing

Pete Thomas – Materials Specialist

Jo Bradshaw – Plant Quality Team leader

Thorsten Ferber – Moll Sportwagwen GmbH Technician

John Muirhead – Brand Communications Manager

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