Lowriders, muscle cars and other electric vehicles you didn't suspect

Turns out the electric car hasn't been killed after all. It's just gone undercover. A feature story in the L.A. Weekly by Judith Lewis takes a fascinating look at how some people – mostly the well-to-do, at this point – are souping up old cars by making them into electric vehicles. Mechanic and entrepreneur Greg "Reverend Gadget" Abbott and his partner have developed a conversion kit that will turn your gasoline powered car into an EV that runs on a DC motor. It isn't cheap – around $17,000 for a standard car or up to $30,000 for a Hummer – but it is pretty cool. The article goes into a lot of depth on EV conversions, and is simply recommended.

The 1946 Oldsmobile pictured above is owned by actor and comedian Tommy Chong. Chong's best quote in the article? "By driving the ultimate electric stoner car, I can get off the titty. You know, the oil titty."

[Source: LA Weekly, Hat Tip to Mike Magda]

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