Biodiesel used to propel carnival rides in Michigan

Who says biodiesel can't be fun? About 60 fairs, carnivals and festivals will be using biodiesel to power their amusements and booths this summer. The lede of this AP story focuses on The Bavarian Festival (currently in Frankenmuth, Michigan), which is using biodiesel in a generator that powers the fair and in the trucks that move it from place to place. The cleaner-burning biofuel makes a noticeable difference to Tracy Elliott, the co-owner of the show's operator, who said black smoke used to waft up from the generator when it was burning diesel. Elliott's company and other fair operators are using B20. The Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee gave $11,500 to Elliott's company and another fair operator as an encouragement to use biodiesel.

[Source: Courier-Journal]

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