Willie Nelson opens new biodiesel production plant at gas station

Truckers are quickly becoming biodiesel junkies, or at least strong promoters of the biofuel, according to an Independence Day article in the New York Times. The article focuses on the gas station that has done more for biodiesel in the trucking industry than any other, Carl's Corner in Texas. The most famous name pushing biodiesel to truckers is, of course, Willie Nelson. And the truckers are listening.

Willie and his wife were at Carl's Corner on Monday for the grand opening of the newest biodiesel installation at the gas station: a biodiesel production facility. The plant will be run by Pacific Biodiesel and will churn out 8,000 gallons a day (about 2 million gallons a year). Bob King, president of Pacific Biodiesel, said the facility could produce more than double that if needed. Carl's Corner sells B20.

[Source: New York Times]

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