Europeans can avoid speed cameras with Inforad

Speed cameras in Europe are fast becoming a royal pain in the ass, which makes a device like Inforad a stroke of genius. It's a little black box that sits on your dash and plugs into your cigarette lighter like a radar detector, but instead of detecting cops with quotas to meet, it uses GPS positioning hardware that links up with satellites to pinpoint your car's location relative to known areas covered by speed cameras.
If a user encounters an unknown speed camera location, he/she can press a button on Inforad that saves those particular coordinates and uploads them later to a central database where mobile engineers can verify them before being released to fellow users. Genius! The box itself costs £79.99 with yearly subscription for updates going for £24.99 and a lifetime subscription is just £49.99.

[Source: Inforad via Ubergizmo via Foursprung]

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