Caliber kickin' @$$ in sales

It turns out that the Caliber's been laying the smack down when it comes to sales in its first five months on the market. In May, for instance, the Caliber was the best selling car in Dodge's lineup with around 12,500 units sold. According to AutoWeek, dealers are selling Calibers as fast as the Chrysler factory in Belvidere, IL can make them, and the cars are spending an average of just 10 days on dealer lots before they're sold. One dealer has a backlog of 60 orders and a 10-month wait.

The Caliber launch couldn't have come at a better time, with consumers beginning to abandon large SUVs for smaller cars in increasing numbers. Fuel prices are reportedly driving the migration, and the Caliber's four-cylinder engine lineup that includes 1.8-, 2.0-, and 2.4-liter World Engines mated to a CVT transmission can deliver highway mileage up to 32 mpg. 

While not being the most fuel-efficient small car on the market, we think a major ingredient to the Caliber's recipe for success is the fact that customers don't have to give up a macho image to get more mileage from a tank of gas. 

[Source: AutoWeek]

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