Americans skeptical of SMARTs for the real world

, or lack thereof, seems to be the biggest concern of Americans when asked about the SMART car. The conclusion is based on a survey asking about last week's announcement that DaimlerChrysler, which manufactures the car, would begin selling it in the U.S. in 2008. Penske's UnitedAuto Group Inc. has been picked to be SMART's distributor.

The SMART car is not quite eight feet long, or half the size of a Toyota Camry and two-thirds the size of a MINI Cooper, the latter of which is considered its closest competitor. Though its diminutive size is often touted as a major advantage when parking, most of those interviewed are concerned about the SMART's ability to survive on roads dominated by SUVs and 18-wheelers. States Keith Wagner of New York City, "You'd have to keep your will in the glove compartment. If you got hit by an SUV or a truck, it looks like you'd be dead."

If we remember correctly, SMART sales will begin on the densley populated coasts where their knack for negotiating urban environments would be most appreciated.

DaimlerChrysler to make SMART move in U.S.
SMART coming to the U.S., Penske to distribute

[Source: Reuters]

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