Honda recalls lots o'cars in Japan, Nissan recalls 6,500 trucks

Honda Motor Co. is recalling 124,000 vehicles in Japan due to a problem with brake lights that could cause them not to light up upon application of the brakes. Bad bulb installment has led to the recall, which affects 84,554 Acty and 39,768 VAMOS Hobio minivans. Affected vehicles were produced between Feb. 20, 2002 and June 6, 2006, according to the automaker.

Honda's not alone, though its numbers are a bit higher than Nissan's, which is also recalling some 6,490 commercial trucks due to defective fuel piping. The recall affects 13 models of Nissan trucks produced between Nov. 15, 2004 and Jan. 30, 2006.

So far it seems limited to japanese models, but we should hear soon whether any exports are affected.

[Source: AP via]

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