Glowing review for Mercedes E320 diesel

For once, I am excited to write about a diesel powered car that is available in the U.S. Granted, it will cost you a pretty penny to enjoy the pleasure of driving around in the Mercedes E320 diesel, but for those of you that are looking to spend around $50k on a luxury sedan, you can not pass up this fuel sipping Benz. The E320 is described as whisper-quiet, fuel efficient, and fast in this Business Week article. The E320 CDI marked the return of diesel engines to the U.S. market for Mercedes, and the annual U.S. sales - 4,299 cars sold in 2005 - have surpassed expectations. This has led to the decision to offer diesel versions of the M- and R-Classes. The real-world gas mileage of the E320 proved to be an impressive 33.5 miles per gallon, in mixed driving conditions. The reviewer seemed most impressed by the amount of torque available, calling the car a "torque-mad superhero". The 369 foot-pounds arriving at 1,800 rpm made grid-locked Manhattan traffic kind of fun for the reviewer. For those of you not living in New York, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and California, visit your closest Mercedes dealer, and reacquaint yourself with a modern diesel powered car if you want performance and fuel economy.

[Source: BusinessWeek]

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