Vegetable-powered bus cooking from Tuscon to Syracuse

With all the news of exotic hydraulic-powered systems, ethanol-blends, gasoline-electric hybrids, and hydrogen fuel, it's easy to forget one of the simplest alternative fuels: used cooking oil. Scientists didn't forget, though, and several have joined teachers to drive a 1983 GMC diesel-engine bus fuel from Tuscon, AZ, to Syracuse, N.Y.

Called the 'Physics Bus', it will carry a total of 400 gallons of used oil on its journey which had been strained to remove food stuff like donut crumbs and taco bits. The fuel, according to teacher and leader Erik Herman, makes for interesting smells during the ride. "If it was used for french fries, it smells like french fries," he says. "If it was used for doughnuts, it smells like doughnuts. If it was used for Mexican food, it smells like that."

The Physics bus will restock its fuel in New Mexico and, later, in Ohio.

[Source: Tucson Citizen]

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