Spy Photos: 2007 Volkswagen Touareg

The 2007 Volkswagen Touareg is already on sale, but a late-2007 model will debut in the spring with the revised headlights and front end seen above, along with refreshened taillights. This swept back taillight shape with a slight dip in the lower contour seems to be a new design trend, as Chrysler has begun using it in its lineup on vehicles such as the upcoming redesigned Sebring sedan and refreshened Pacifica.

The Touareg also gets an updated interior with a new pop-up navigation system, seats and some new switchgear as well, according to Edmunds' Straightline blog. The 2007 model already on sale was upgraded for this model year with a new 3.6L V6 that will carry over into the new model along with rest of the Touareg's engine lineup. The only motor in question is the diesel, which had been discontinued in the U.S. but will be returning later this year or early next. As new stricter diesel emissions regulations go into effect on January 1st, the Touareg's diesel will suddenly find itself legal in only 45 states.

[Source: Straightline Blog]

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