Hydrogen Expo US moves to Texas in 2007

The eighteenth annual NHA Hydrogen Conference (18? Has hydrogen had a fan club for almost two decades already?) will take place in oil country, USA (Texas) in 2007. The conference, scheduled for March 19-22 next year, will be held in San Antonio with the slogan "Hydrogen Here and Now" (which is much more powerful than "Hydrogen: Still Two Decades Away). Promoted by the Bush Administration and many car companies, hydrogen has been in the news a lot lately (see this list).

The conference is being organized by German company Freesen & Partner GmbH, and F&P's managing director Ines Freesen said, "The 1.2 billion dollar program announced by President George W. Bush is being implemented step by step. The program's focus is on hydrogen infrastructure, storage technologies and fuel cell applications, which opens up an attractive market both for domestic and international vendors."

[Source: Hydrogen Expo US via Renewable Energy Access]

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