Georgia Bioenergy Conference offers great student discount: free entry

Just over a month from now, the Georgia Bioenergy Conference 2006 will take place at the Tifton Campus Center in Tifton, GA. The conference, like many others around the country, will take a broad look at the ways we can get energy from plants. What sets the conference apart is the college student discount. Average folks will have to pay $150 to get in ($200 after July 7). College students: zero.

The three-day conference features panels on legislation and biofuels, the state of biofuels around the world, alternative bioenergy feedstocks, how to use bioenergy byproducts and a lot more. A lot of the discussion will naturally be on how Georgia fits into the bioenergy world (there are a lot of forests that could be used as biomass, for instance), but not all. And I'll mention again that students get in free.

[Source: Georgia Bioenergy Conference]

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