Ford confirms fresh content for Mustang every year

It's strange to think of the Mustang as a bonified breadwinner for Ford, but the iconic muscle car continues to be one of the brand's best-selling cars. At the company's 2007 full-line preview on Wednesday, Ford's Derrick Kuzak told Inside Line that new products would be added to the Mustang lineup every year and that Carroll Shelby will continue to be a part of each and every iteration.

Inside Line also pumped Shelby himself for more information and learned the man behind the muscle car believes that the Mustang is capable of more horsepower than the 500 ponies produced in the 2007 Shelby GT500, 600-plus horsepower even, and should still be able to pass the Blue Oval's 50,000-mile warranty. Shelby also reveals he's not too impressed by the Camaro Concept, calling the car "adequate".

Shelby's best line during the on-site interview goes, "With the new Camaro, they'd better not dream they'll have more horsepower [than Mustang]." Did you say horsepower war? What horsepower war?

[Source: Inside Line]

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