Official Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe pics pop up - UPDATE

What have here are the first official pics of the new Mercedes-Benz CL Coupe that were unofficially leaked on the internet this morning. It shares many mechanical bits with the S-Class sedan, though it seems softer and more of a visual match for the last generation S-Class than the current one with its creases and flares. The spy shots that showed up a week or so ago were dead on, however. This appears to be a tame model, perhaps with the reported 3.7L V6 under the hood. Hopefully AMG will make it more look more aggressive after the installation of its 6.3L V12 that produces 600 hp.

Check out more official pics after the jump...

[Source: CarScoop, Autoblog Spanish]

UPDATE - Official pics and link from Autoblog Spanish

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