Spy Shots: Mercedez-Benz CL Coupe

Caught with nary a strip of duct tape to cover its new body (some pieces were actually digitally removed), the next Mercedez-Benz CL Coupe is seen here being driven around by the company's engineers. We can see the new CL coupe is less wide and flat than the current model and gains some of its proportions from the CLS coupe/sedan. The nose is traditional MB fare with a giant three-pointed star front and center flanked by more traditionally shaped headlights (no doubt housing enough lumens to light up a small city). The rising beltline that curves just above the rear fender meets a new rear end that seems cluttered with a bit to many intersecting lines around the taillights for our tastes.

Winding Road reports that the CL Coupe's lineup of powerplants will range from a 3.7L V6 to an AMG 6.3L V12 producing 600 hp. We'll be meeting the new CL Coupe for the first time in person at the Paris Motor Show this fall.

[Source: Winding Road]

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