Biofuels law making its way through the LA legislature

Local Louisiana TV station KATC is reporting on a law that would require some fuel sold in Louisiana to have at least two percent biofuel blended in is making its way through the Louisiana Senate. One main sticking point is whether or not the biofuels will be required even if there is no market for them. The biofuels will not be introduced into the supply until they meet production standards.

It seems to me this is a case of politicians not really understanding the reality of the laws they're debating. Blending a little bit of biodiesel or ethanol into diesel or regular gasoline doesn't create nor demolish a "market". These minimal blends don't really effect consumers, except that they reduce emissions and – with increasing gas prices – should make the fuel a tiny bit cheaper. There is always a market for lower-priced gas. 

[Source: KATC TV]

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