Formula One to focus on fuel economy from 2009 on

The multi-million dollar budgets of the Formula One teams will have to focus more on fuel economy in time for the 2009 season. This change should make the race series significantly more relevant for everyday cars. Max Mosley, the president of the FIA, wants to re-focus the wasteful spending of the teams to concentrate on improving fuel economy. The FIA has decided to allow hybrids from the beginning of 2009, with only two major constraints. The first requirement is safety and the second is a weight limit of 20 kilograms for the complete system. The rules will not specify which technology can be used, so we might see electric, hydraulic or kinetic energy storage systems. The FIA expects the system to deliver about 60 bph of additional power for as much as nine seconds. This sounds like giving the drivers an "overtaking" button.
[Source: EV World]

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