Is eight-years old too young for a Scion?

Sibling site Adjab posted an interesting marketing ploy. Toyota Motor Co. is currently advertising its Scion brand on, a website frequented by eight to fifteen year olds. Why? Toyota's theory is that such youngsters will influence their parents' vehicle choices as well as be more pre-disposed to the brand once they're of driving age. Such strategies are not new: Cadillac and DaimlerChrysler both have their vehicles in video games played by teens and young adults. Toyota's strategy, though, is aimed at a populace who can't even drive let alone seriously purchase any vehicle.

However, the strategy may be working. "Scion" appeared more frequently on the site shortly after the program started and many visitors played with their virtual vehicles.

What's your opinion? New advertising method or money wasted on the fickle minds of youth?

[Source: New York Times via Adjab]

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