You tell us, are these gas-saving tricks for real?

We know, we know, summer's here and so are high gas prices. Trying to promote its MPG-CAPS(TM) product, which supposedly save fuel, a company called Fuel Freedom International issued a press release Wednesday that contains five standard fuel-saving tips and then the final tip, which is to use the caps. To me, the caps sounds like something Click and Clack would call "booooooooogus". But I thought it'd be nice to hear from you all. Here are the six tips and my comments. I'd be interested to read what you've got to say about them.
- "Change the air filter regularly. A dirty filter can lower gas mileage." Sounds sensible.

- "Maintain the recommended level of air pressure in the tires." Again, sounds about right.

- "Drive at 55 mph. Tests have shown that a car driven at 65 mph will use 17 % more fuel than one driven at 55 mph." Wow, three in a row. Perhaps this Fuel Freedom International company is onto something.

- "Fill up early in the morning. The afternoon sun can heat and expand the gas in the station's fuel tank so drivers get less for their money." This is where my BS detector kicked in. Joel covered the debunking of this myth a month back.

- "Use only the grade octane listed in the owner's manual. Higher octane gas does not make a difference in the miles per gallon." I'm not sure how this tip saves any fuel. It just stops you from paying more for the gas you are using.

-"MPG-CAPs are an organic engine conditioner that improves an engine's internal combustion process providing lower emissions, better gas mileage, and better fuel economy." How does this sound to you?  There isn't much more information in the actual press release, just a mechanic who says they work. Hmmm.

[Source: Fuel Freedom International]

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