Top 5 green car-related Father's Day gifts

It's not surprising that Motor Trend's ideas for Father's Day should include gifts that have to do with cars. It is sad, though, that their Number One suggestion is to go for a joy ride. This is sad for a lot of reasons, as those who feel burning gasoline for the pure joy of it is not a very fatherly thing to do will understand. If you're looking for a green way to celebrate Father's Day this weekend, we've got some ideas for you.
1.) Here's a perfect AutoblogGreen Father's Day gift. With a Waste Vegetable Oil conversion kit you can not only turn a diesel car into one that can burn straight vegetable oil, but the conversion can be a project that fathers and children can work on together. Perhaps this is an idea for you if you're a father who wants to spend more time working out in the garage with your kids. Give a gift to yourself this year. Kits are available at GreaseCar, Elsbett, and other sites.

2.) A less expensive way to get into biofuels is by taking the time to read a book on, say, biodiesel. These books offer up a new kind of beach reading, one that's concerned with keeping the beaches clean in the future.

3.) if wagering is your thing, perhaps stock in ethanol companies is the right gift.

4.) Dads who drive a lot could easily benefit from a gift subscription (or membership or whatever they're called) to a carbon offset program like TerraPass.

5.) And, of course, the greenest gift of all just might be going for a walk with your dad. Enjoy!

[Source: Motor Trend]

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