Scooter and bike sales going gangbusters

One of the options for saving fuel does not involve spending lots of money on hybrid vehicles, or brewing your own biodiesel in your garage. Using a bike is clearly going to save a ton of fuel, but even a scooter will put a good dent in your gas bill. The Utah News reports motorcycle, scooter and bicycle shops are seeing a rise in sales. Consumers are turning to scooters and motorcycles that get 50 to 110 miles per gallon, or use no gas at all in the case of bicycles. According to a Salt Lake City Honda dealer, baby boomers seem to be using fuel savings as the argument to get back into riding a motorcycle. Women and younger buyers are an other growing demographic of new motorcycle buyers, with fuel savings one factor in the buying process. Bicycle sales are up too, and the Utah Transit Authority has noticed an increase in passengers riding their bicycles to bus stop, which has lead the UTA to add two bike racks to some buses.
[Source: Utah News]

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