AutoPacific names most Ideal Vehicles of 2006

What is an "ideal" vehicle? AutoPacific defines the ideal vehicle as the car or truck owners would change the least. The firm had owners rate their new 2006 model year cars and trucks and awarded vehicles in multiple categories in the marketing firm's first ever Ideal Vehicle Awards. The Mercury Montego, of all vehicles, was the top-rated vehicle overall and top-rated car in the Large Car/Luxury Car category. Ford swept the top three spots overall with the Crown Victoria and Five-Hundred following in second and third place. Hyundai, however, edged out Mercury as the Ideal Vehicle brand for 2006. The results for each category follow and in some cases are rather surprising. The Honda Ridgeline, for example, is rated as the most ideal Sport Utility Truck, and the Mercury Milan as the most ideal Mid-Size Car.

The idea of rating the idealness of a vehicle is a strange concept around which to wrap one's head, as our tendency is to draw a comparison with popularity. But a popularity contest this ain't, as the Ideal Vehicle Awards rather represent a new index of automotive satisfaction.

Top-rated 2006 Ideal Vehicle brand: Hyundai
Top-rated 2006 Ideal Product Segment: Large Car/Luxury Car

Top rated 2006 Ideal Vehicles by segment:

Premium Luxury Car: Lexus LS
Entry Luxury Car: BMW 3-Series
Large Car/Luxury Car: Mercury Montego
Premium Mid-Size Car: Hyundai Sonata
Mid-Size Car: Mercury Milan
Image Compact Car: Toyota Prius
Compact Car: Ford Focus
Sports Car: Porsche 911
Sporty Car: Acura RSX

Sport Utility Truck: Honda Ridgeline
Luxury Sport Utility: BMW X-5
Large Sport Utility: GMC Yukon
Premium Mid-Size Sport Utility: Nissan Murano
Mid-Size Sport Utility: Hyundai Santa Fe
Compact Sport Utility: Subaru Forester
Minivan: Honda Odyssey

[Source: AutoPacific]

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