A family reunion for the Holden Efijy Concept

The stunning Holden Efijy Concept recently got the chance to meet its forebears at an event staged outside Holden's headquarters in Port Melbourne, Australia. The Efijy was joined by a fleet of old-school FJ and FX Holdens, the very cars that served as the inspiration for the Aussie concept in the first place. Efijy made its debut at the 2005 Australian Motor Show and since then has been featured in just about every automotive publication imaginable. It was recently profiled in North America's Hot Rod magazine -- not bad for a car wearing a nameplate the average American is not familiar with (though they unwittingly see one every time a Pontiac GTO cruises by). 

Looking like some kind of Boyd Coddington creation and not an in-house factory concept, the Efijy seemed right at home next to all the rodded-up Holdens that took part in the event. It's fun when automakers go out of their way to acknowledge their heritage like this. General Motors wouldn't happen to have something stateside it could host a similar type of event around now, would it?

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[Source: GM Holden]

Press Release

Holden's Showstopping Efijy Concept Meets The Grandparents

The 21st Century hot rod reincarnation of Australia's historic car icons today met its ancestors outside Holden's Port Melbourne headquarters.

Almost 20 members of the Early Model Holden Club Victoria parked outside Holden headquarters to park their beloved Holden FX and FJ vehicles alongside last year's national motorshow hit, the EFIJY custom coupe.

EFIJY was designed to pay homage to the original FJ Holden released in 1953, adding custom cool, V8 Supercar power and leading edge technology into the mix.

Unveiled at the Australian International Motor Show in October 2005, the car has been recognised around the world for its stunning design lines and thoroughly modern interpretation of yesteryear cars.

The Early Model Holden Club Victoria arranged the multi-generational rendezvous with Holden and occupied the Port Melbourne forecourt for photographs and talks with EFIJY lead designer Richard Ferlazzo.

Club president Rod Grummitt, who organised the visit, said members were thrilled at the opportunity to see the car and meet its designer.

"Ever since we saw EFIJY in the media, we've wanted to see the car in the flesh so when we were offered the opportunity by Holden we jumped at the chance," Rod said.

"Even having seen pictures of the car, everyone here today is absolutely rapt at seeing the car. It's just an amazing vehicle and such a beautiful design.

"The club members absolutely love it. They all want to leave their cars here and trade them in for an EFIJY.

"EFIJY pays respect to the era of the original car but it's exactly what we think the FJ would have looked like if production hadn't stopped.

The club members are stoked at this opportunity. They are all going to have their photos framed and this is a day they will all remember."

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