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Sports cars most sought by prospectives looking for used cars reports that 9 out of ten used vehicles quieried at its website are sports cars. The top ten most-sought vehicles include the Acura Integra; Honda Prelude; Mazda RX-7 (pictured); Mitsubishi 3000 GT, Lancer Evolution; Nissan 240SX, 300Z; and the Toyota MR2, Pickup(?), and Supra. The automotive consumer site generates the list by comparing its top 50 most-searched used vehicles to dealership inventories. The list can be used by dealers in their purchase of new stock at auctions. "Knowing the exact vehicle make and model that buyers want enables our dealers to make the well-informed business decisions that keep their inventory moving," says training director Ralph Ebersole.

[Source: via PRNewswire]

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