Iacocca to pen new book, address auto industry

Retired Chrysler chairman (and Snoop Dogg homey) Lee Iacocca will be releasing a book in approximately one year, tentatively titled "Where Have All the Leaders Gone?". It's said to cover several topics, among them the state of the American auto industry and the threat that the US manufacturing economy faces from China and India.

Iacocca is said to be writing the book because he "flunked retirement" and "there is too much to be done to sit on the sidelines."  The octogenarian has not been quiet since leaving Chrysler in 1992, having attempted a $20B buyout of the automaker in 1995 (with Kirk Kerkorian and current GM board member Jerry York), along with campaigning for George W. Bush in 2000 and John Kerry in 2004.

[Source: Houston Chronicle]

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