First review of CARS says film has a flat

We here at Autoblog have been unabashedly eager to see the upcoming animated feature from Pixar Studios called CARS in which hot rod racer Lightning McQueen rolls into a sleepy hollow and make friends with the colorful characters of Carburetor County. So it is with much chagrin that we report to you this first review of Director John Lasseter's magnum opus. CARS has received an unflattering grade of 2 out of 5 stars from Sarah Lindner of the Austin American-Statesman.

On the film's plot Ms. Lindner comments, "For a huge stretch of the film, there's not what you would call a story going on. There are just cars hanging out." Uh, is that a bad thing? That's how we plan to spend our retirement – hanging out with cars. It seems the great effort on Mr. Lasseter's part to infuse CARS with enough auto-related minutia to please even the most diehard enthusiast has been lost on this reviewer. For instance, how cool is it that the numbers on the license plate of Luigi, a Fiat 500 in the film, represent the latitude and longitude of the Ferrari factory in Maranello. That's worth at least one star alone in our book.

Look for an official Autoblog review of CARS when we finally get a chance to see it after today's nationwide release.

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