CARS inches ever closer to the silver screen!

Automobiles, racing and Pixar -- what's not to love? We're totally geeked about CARS, the upcoming movie release that will be brought to us courtesy of Disney and Pixar next Friday. We've got a smorgasbord of media coverage laid out below all nice and convenient-like, so surf to your little gearhead heart's content.

BusinessWeek has one of it's famous slide shows dedicated to the movie, complete with character and actor bios as well as photographs of the cars upon which the characters are based.

AutoWeek, which evidently has some kind of partnership going on with the movie promoters, dedicated most of last week's issue to the movie's launch. Inside, you'll find a very cool feature on the crew at Pixar and their fearless leader, John Lasseter, a closer look at the movie's characters, and even an interview with Lightning McQueen himself!

Autochannel (and other outlets that pick up PRNewswire feeds) has a preview of the movie and information about the movie's premiere at Lowe's Motor Speedway, which happens to be all sold-out. Anybody who is able to score some tickets this late in the game are encouraged to donate them to your friends here at Autoblog.

Don't forget the official sites over at Pixar and Disney, where they've got trailers and other fun stuff.

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