Australia may use grape, olive and citrus waste to make biodiesel

Researchers in Queensland are looking into using waste from the grape, olive and citrus industries to produce biodiesel, Australia's ABC news reported this week. The CEO of the Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation, Linda Silburn, said waste (and low-grade fruit) from these industries is regularly dumped but could be used to make biofuels.
"So the question we are asking is and the question we want to test is, 'is it economically feasible to use any of the waste or low grade product from these new plant sectors as biodiesel products? As well as doing some economic tests on the more established grain-based biodiesel supplies," she told ABC.
Groups in other areas have talked about using waste from the citrus industry to make biofuel. We mentioned the possibility for Florida's biofuel industry a month or so ago (see also this story at The Soy Daily).

[Source: ABC News (Australia)]

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