LaneFX blind spot exposure system lets you see your sides - UPDATED

Blind spot detection systems that warn drivers when a vehicle is playing hide-and-seek in your blindspot using visual and audible alerts have already debuted on production vehicles. Volvo's got such a system on the new S80 and Audi on its Q7. Driveaware is a third-party company that took a different approach than the OEMs when developing its new product called LaneFX. Rather than detecting an oncoming vehicle, LaneFX automatically moves the corresponding power mirror outward to expose a vehicle's blindspot when the turnsignal is activated. The kit can be universally installed on any vehicle with power mirrors and also features ParkFX that tilts the mirrors downward when reverse is engaged. Check out a video of the LaneFX in action here.

Missed an important qualification that LaneFX does not automatically move a side mirror, but only when the turn signal is activated. Also, LaneFX does not claim exclusivity on the technology that allows up-down movement of the mirrors when the car is put in reverse. Oh yeah, the company's name is Driveaware, not DriveAware. Now we return you to your regularly scheduled reading...

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