Nantucket gas stations might be selling some bad ethanol

30 cars and half of Nantucket's post office delivery trucks reported problems with their fuel pumps last week, possibly due to gasoline blended with ethanol sold at gas stations on the island serviced by Harbor Fuel Corporation. Sunday's Nantucket Inquirer & Mirror reports on the troubles on the island, which could be caused by the ethanol, according to Harbor Fuel president John Stackpole, who denied there was any problem with the fuel.

"Ethanol is alcohol and acts as a solvent and some older vehicles may have some stuff in their tanks and the ethanol could break it down, causing the problems," Stackpole said.

An AAA spokesman quoted in the paper said he doesn't think it's a widespread problem, but that the symptoms sound like contaminated gas.
Nantucket residents reading this should continue to the original article, which gives details on what to do if you suspect your car is affected.

[Source: Inquirer & Mirror]

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