Lamborghini Gallardo Privilegio only for the privileged few

As if Lamborghinis weren't exclusive enough, the Bolgna-based Italian automaker is releasing a new limited edition model of the Gallardo called the Privilegio, which we're guessing in Italian means we still can't afford it. The Privilegio is based on your garden variety Gallardo but features some trick color combos that Lamborghini hopes will highlight the customization options of the car.

The Privilegio's exterior features contrasting panels painted in either Nero Noctis (shiny black) or matte black. The Callisto alloy wheels are also finished in black. Meanwhile the interior looks as if it were upholstered in panda skin with white and black leather being liberally applied. Italiaspeed pegs the price of the Gallardo Privilegio, of which only 150 will be built, to be about 19-percent above the MSRP of a standard Gallardo.

Pics of the interior can be found after the jump...

[Source: Italiaspeed and Sybarites]

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