Next gen Honda Fit, Accord and CR-V spotted on Chinese site - UPDATE

One of our international readers caught a trio of Honda's next gen products on a Chinese site that includes the next Fit, Accord and CR-V. We're awaiting a translation of the site from our colleagues at Autoblog Chinese, so until then we have to let the pics speak for themselves, which probably originated as renderings and/or altered spy shots from a Chinese auto mag.

Autoblog reader James Cheung who sent the tips notes that the site reveals the next gen Accord will be released in Japan first, then the U.S., Europe and China. The car will be built locally in each region but not differ in design, unlike the company's strategy with the new Civic.

Of the three we think the Fit earns the award for most improved, sporting a beefier more substantial visage. The Accord looks lower and wider than the current model while wearing a face similar to the one on the new aforementioned Civic. The CR-V looks, well, as odd as the CR-V has always looked.

UPDATE - The Chinese translation just came in and we're told the new Fit will be ready by June of 2007 and the Accord by the following September. We've also learned the Chinese site is referencing a Japanese car mag.

Thanks for the tip from China, James!

[Source: auto.sonu]

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