Chevron officially gets into biodiesel and ethanol

Some days (like yesterday) hydrogen seems to dominate the news, other days it's all about Texas (like today). As Chevron was helping to open a new large-scale biodiesel plant in Galveston, the company also announced the company will "advance technology and pursue commercial opportunities related to the production and distribution of ethanol and biodiesel in the United States" through a new business unit operating within Chevron Technology Venture subsidiary. Chevron bills CTV as a subsidiary that "identifies, develops and commercializes emerging technologies and new energy systems including hydrogen-related technologies, advanced energy storage technologies, renewable energy and nanotechnology."
We've mentioned Chevron's recent moves into the green technology sector before here and here. I've got to say that these types of stories aren't incredibly dramatic or entertaining, but they're key to understanding how biofuels will be produced and used in the future. Thanks for reading.

[Source: Chevron]

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