Lexus GS 450h review in Belfast Telegraph

Which politicians are driving what type of cars is causing a bit of a tizzy in Great Britain. While an article in today's Belfast Telegraph mentions the issue, their main concern is reviewing the new Lexus GS 450h. Their verdict is that the car is better for the environment than other executive machines, but the hype surrounding the car is a bit overblown. Three main Lexus propaganda points (lower emissions than any other combustion engine, best safety system and the "world's most technologically advanced drivetrain") are all given the critical once-over.

When compared to the tiny Prius (also made by Toyota), the Lexus doesn't feel as green nor as cleverly designed. The 450h's trunk space is smaller, and the entire car really just has the hybrid technology grafted on instead of being an environmentally sound design job from the ground up, the article says.

[Source: Belfast Telegraph]

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