Who Killed the Electric Car? Opens June 28

I finally got around to checking out the trailer for the new documentary "Who Killed The Electric Car?" on the Sony Classics website. I'm a big fan of documentary films because they can convey a lot of information easily and in such a way that people are willing to receive it, even pay for it. Of course, the medium is easily abused and discounted, so it's kind of a treacherous field to play in. Still, the trailer makes this film look incredibly scathing and the topic – car companies introducing and then destroying hundreds of electric vehicles in the late 1990s – certainly deserves more attention. I'm looking forward to when this film comes out and am curious how it'll be treated in the press and by viewers.

In a little while we'll have a post up that compares this film to an earlier, similar film. Based on what I've seen so far, the evidence from these two documentaries points to a long struggle ahead for anyone trying to get America to travel smarter.

[Source: Sony Classics via Jalopnik]

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