Port of Vancouver gets a giant harbor crane that runs on biodiesel

In a story somewhat related to yesterday's news about New Holland making all of its industrial diesel engines capable of handling B20, the Port of Vancouver USA recently announced that all of the state vehicles used at the facility will use B20 by 2009. This change was made to comply with Washington state law and, according to EPA numbers quoted by Renewable Energy Access, will result in a 20 percent reduction of emissions. The change is being touted as a win-win for the port and Washington state, which the port's executive director, Larry Paulson, said would gain a "new market for Washington agricultural products and reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil." The port wins because biodiesel prices are sometimes cheaper than regular diesel.
The most notable piece of port machinery that will run on B20? A giant mobile harbor crane. Two E85 trucks were also purchased by the port.

[Source: Renewable Energy Access]

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