Comment Corner: Saab more Gen Y than BMW, Mercedes-Benz?

In response to the post, Generation Y continues to flummox automakers,  Autoblog reader JohnA writes:
This article claims Saabs are appealing to gen-Y types

"This article" shows that 1.28-percent of Americans age 18-24 will consider purchasing a Saab as their vehicle according to research firm, Conway Inc. (CNW). While writer Alex Law admits the figure does not sound very high, he points out that the Jeep Wrangler only garnered 16.92 percent as the highest desired vehicle. Not a single BMW or Mercedes-Benz model even received the minimum one percent to make CNW's list. Law writes that image contributes to the Saab's appeal among Gen Y buyers... in other words, mom and dad's matching Bimmers aren't helping that company's cred with the younger crowd. Law covers Saab's entire lineup, and declares the 9-3 convertible to be his unabashed favorite.

Let's hear it from the 18-24 crowd. Are Saabs cool?

[Source: Auto 123]

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