Ford GT designer Pardo seen fiddling with bikinis, wedding gowns

Camilo Pardo, better known as the man behind the Ford GT, is dabbling a bit in a side job that would appear to be right up his alley -- women's clothing. The automotive designer, branded as something of a Latin lover by the media, has created everything from a disposable wedding gown to a bikini made out of three Crown Royal bags. Pardo designed a Mercury line of clothing for Miami Fashion Week, including a bikini with aluminum discs (pictured) provided by auto supplier  Northern Engraving and Machine as well as a racing-suit sporting a skirt instead of pants. Alongside his fashion unveilings at the show came the Mercury Milan Voga concept sedan.

Pardo, who owns several Singer sewing machines according to the Detroit News, is passionate about clothing design and fashion, and he often incorporates automotive-inspired materials into his women's wear.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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