Hybrid drivers get discounts at some East Coast hotels

If you're looking for the best hotel rate in Boston and drive a hybrid (or plan on renting one) remember to take twenty bucks off of the nightly rate at the Hotel Marlowe in Cambridge, MA and the Onyx Hotel in Boston as you're doing your comparison shopping. Both hotels, which are owned by Kimpton Hotels, are offering what they're calling the "Green Road Warrior Package" that includes "deluxe accommodations and $20 off the best available room rate with proof of vehicle registration or rental car contract upon check-in."

I'm sure there are fine print details on this offer you'd need to be aware of before registering a room, but it's cool to see a hotel continue its environmental stewardship. The Onyx won the National Good EarthKeeping Award from the American Hotel & Lodging Association this year. The Marlowe won a similar state award in 2005. Kimpton has a list of 15 hybrid models that qualify for the discount, which runs through September. Electric, flexible fuel and biodiesel cars do not qualify. Kimpton hotels in New York City and Washington D.C. offer similar promotions.

[Source: Travmedia, thanks to Deidre]

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