Hybrid four-wheel giraffe rolls into Burning Man

Brands or vehicles named after animals--Cougar, Eagle, Mustang--are not unusual in the automotive world. Yet you rarely see a vehicle actually shaped like an animal, especially a giraffe.

But that's what attendees saw at last year's Burning Man. Named 'Rave Raffe', the robotic giraffe is the brainchild and creation of engineer/laser light show designer Linsday Lawlor. Raffe can 'walk' at 1 mile per hour for 8 hours powered by its hybrid propane/battery engine. To keep Lawlor (or another rider) entertained, the robot is equipped with an extendable neck as well as strobe lights, LEDs and a speaker system. Lawlor plans to add additional features such as flashing giraffe spots for Burning Man this year.

[Source: Popular Science via Make: Blog via Engadget]

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