Green Star Products biodiesel reactors make biodiesel in two minutes

Green Star Products, Inc. has just a quick announcement today: their advanced biodiesel reactor can process vegetable oil, methanol and the catalyst into biodiesel in just two minutes, compared to the average industrial time of 60-90 minutes. The new reactors will come in three sizes and have been developed in secrecy for the past year. GSPI's largest of these new reactors is rated at 10 million gallons per year capacity and will cost $30,000.
Even the plants using these new biodiesel reactors can now be made quicker. Gold Star estimates it will take 14-18 weeks instead of the same number of months to build biodiesel plants now. The company has been using their Continuous Flow Biodiesel Production technology systems for a few years and, because the systems are contained and waterless, it should be easier for biodiesel producers to obtain permits to build plants that use the two technologies in conjunction, the company says.

[Source: TransWorldNews]

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