Secret BMW to be revealed at British Motor Show

BMW has announced it will unveil an all-new BMW at the British Motor Show being held in late July. The company has given no details about what the vehicle will be, but has announced it will be accompanied by the MINI GP Special Edition and the British debut of the MINI Traveller Concept. Rolls Royce will also have its 101EX Phantom coupe concept at the show, as well.
BMW has the auto world guessing as to what will be under the sheet come late July. The BMW lineup is hardly deficient with a full smattering of vehicles that range from the entry level 1-Series to the luxury X5 sport ute. Could it be a larger full-size ute to compete with the Mercedes-Benz GL, a performance green machine ( hybrid, diesel or steam-assist) or maybe an all-new dedicated sports coupe to face the new Audi TT? Guesses are welcome in the comments.

[Source: WhatCar?]

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